The First Choice

Proverbs 14:12 “There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.”

Many times in our lives we are given the opportunity to choose. In many instances, I have been asked the question; “What’s your first choice?” Within our text we have four important truths surrounding our first choice.

The first thing to be emphasized is the certainty, “There is a way.” The writer didn’t say that there might be or could be, but that there is. The phrase means to standout or to exist. It is not the choice of a few, but it is a choice that lies before every one of us; doesn’t matter your gender, nationality, or social status; this is one of the choices to choose from no matter what the situation may be.

The second thing to be noted is the course, “a way.” This has reference to a road trodden, a course of life, or a mode of action. We would do no injustice to the truth to say this is basically a reference to one’s life or life style. It is a reference to the path we choose to follow and the various activities that make up that life style.

Thirdly, we are made aware of the character, “which seemeth right unto a man.” It is at this point that the Word of God deals with not a general way, or multitude of ways, but one specific way! There are three things that are to be noted about its character; the first being, its projection, “which seemeth right.” The word “right” means straight, convenient, and comes from a word that means to be straight or even, to be or make right, pleasant or prosperous. As soon as one becomes aware of this course of action or life style, it projects the idea of prosperity and pleasure. Secondly, there’s its place, “unto.” There is a truth here that is worthy of deep consideration; this is always the first option to be seen in the choice process. The word “unto” means the face as the part that turns. In the choice process, upon our first observation, this is the first mode of action that all men see; it is ever before the face. It makes no difference where one turns, the first option of choice to be seen is this one. The final thing about its character is its pull, “a man.” The word “man” is the word “iysh” which stands for a man as an individual. This is a reference to the natural man, the old man, man in a lost or fallen state. In this fallen state, man is naturally pulled to make this way his first and only choice. While this particular way may be pleasant and prosperous to man; it doesn’t mean that it is from the Master’s perspective!

The final thing to notice is the conclusion, “the end thereof are the ways of death.” The first choice to be seen and the one that the natural man will ultimately choose has a definite and certain conclusion; death, pestilence, and ruin.

The truth being set forth within the text is very profound, yet simple; while it may be the first choice and the easy choice; it most likely won’t be the right choice!