Redemption & Revival


Paperback, 139 Pages, 24 Chapters

Redemption & Revival encompasses the entire cycle of man’s spiritual journey.  In redemption as depicted in the historical account of Mephibosheth, by means of biblical typology, we get a glimpse of God’s pursuit of man.  In revival as depicted in the historical account of Asaph, we are permitted to view man’s pursuit of God.  The objective of both is to bring man back into the abiding presence of God where the two might continually commune together in intimate companionship.  The purpose of this book is twofold; to encourage every child of God to not settle for anything less than the best and to enlighten man to the means whereby one may obtain an abiding state of communion with his Lord.  It is a book for those that are willing to embrace the light, even to the embarrassment of self.

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